About Me

I am Karen Tsafrir, the owner of Live Productions. Welcome to my website.  Born in London, I have lived in NY & Amsterdam and in Israel since 1980. I share my house in Ein Sarid with my youngest daughter and two very spoilt cats.(I also have a married son in London and another daughter in Jerusalem.)

I’m a romantic, a dreamer, a great listener, a compulsive researcher, passionate planner, kindle addict, spinning instructor, foodie, closet poet and world traveler. 

I am detail oriented and will ask you loads of questions the first time we talk, so that I can really understand what your dream event is all about. And I will remain personally involved in all aspects of your event from concept to delivery, from the moment we first meet to the moment the last candle is blown out.

So now that you know me, let's begin the journey,

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Mazal Tov!


About My Business

It all started in 2004, when my brother Jeremy of MUZIKA Show Band asked me to help him plan a wedding at the Tel Aviv Hilton. Jeremy, who is London based, had been asked to organise a small wedding in Tel Aviv and he roped me in to help. “Just need a florist, small band and photographers, I will come for the wedding,” he said. I had some event experience and wasn’t nervous. Two weeks before the wedding Jeremy called and said “by the way I am not coming – you will have to do the wedding by yourself.”  The rest, as they say, is history.

My personal style is eclectic.I am informal, calm, quirky and a perfectionist. I work differently. For me the journey to your event is as important as the event itself. We have to have fun along the way. With that in mind, I am focused on your experience, on giving the most personal service and the personal touch. That's why you will always speak to me and not a member of my wonderful staff.  For me, it's all about one to one. Part of the creative process is hearing what you want from you


We are a one stop shop for top end events for our discerning clientele who come to Israel from around the globe.  We make the creation of an extraordinary event easy, supplying Israel’s best professionals, coordinating all aspects of the ceremony/party, arranging accommodation, travel, tourism and developing an event that everyone will remember. 

Event planning is rarely a one off for me. For years my clients have felt that if they are schlepping their guests from around the world to Israel they need to host them in the fullest way. So we put together original travel itineraries around the ceremonies and parties. This part of my business has grown so much in recent years that many of my clients ask me to organise just a mission, incentive, conferences or tour, no celebration at all. We have turned planning bespoke trips across Israel into an art. 

 “It's amazing what you do, what your team does and what you inspire people to do. With you nothing is impossible. That's why I wanted you with me. That's why it was the experience it was. You're the lady who makes dreams.”


Carrie - Bar Mitzvah, Lion Sands, Kruger Park.

The Live Productions team